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Profile: Knob Creek Rye

After sampling Knob Creek Rye at the 2012 Tales of the Cocktail convention, I knew it would make a great “MJ Approved” for Men’s Journal: gents love and trust the Knob Creek brand, and the rye is one of the best I’ve had in its price-point. Knob Creek wound up quoting this article in its marketing materials thereafter.
October 5, 2012

Profile: Art in the Age SAGE

Following the success of SNAP and ROOT, Art in the Age introduced SAGE — a kind of un-gin that I felt was perfect for Men’s Journal’s “MJ Approved” series.
August 24, 2012

Profile: Barrelhouse Flat's house cocktails

Barrelhouse Flat, a gem among Chicago’s craft cocktail bars, impressively augmented its house-made cocktail program in Summer 2012 — perfect fodder for Tasting Table’s audience.

Tasting Table Chicago
August 8, 2012

Profile: Koval Sunchoke spirit

As a longtime fan of Koval, one of Chicago’s first craft spirits distilleries, I was curious to try the bespoke liqueur maker’s summer release: sunchoke. It’s an acquired taste, for sure, but one that Tasting Table readers would dig.

Tasting Table Chicago
July 20, 2012

Profile: Bow Truss

One of Chicago’s newest independent coffee makers recently opened a retail counter in the front of its roasting storefront, with a few notable features: minimalist vintage-industrial aesthetics, a pleasantly low-key soundtrack, and — gasp — no wifi.

July 6, 2012

Profile: The Plant

What do a kambucha brewery, an artisanal bakery and a tilapia fish farm have in common? They’re all tenants of The Plant, an organic sustainable food-and-drink incubator on Chicago’s South Side.

May 31, 2012

Profile: Jane Addams Hull-House art lending library

Founded on the merits of helping everyday citizens have access to arts and culture, the Jane Addams Hull-House museum recently reopened its century-old lending library, tapping curators tied to Chicago’s up-and-coming gallery scene.

April 11, 2012

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